Before the closure and the stay-at-home order, Brian and Biz sat down to talk with Matt Guilfoyle, Area Associate for Communication and Technology, AJ Phillips, Director of Information Technology, and Hamish Brewer, Principal of Fred Lynn Middle School to talk about what digital equity looks like in PWCS and where we are going. Although the world has changed significantly since we recorded this episode, the central message hasn't. 

The podcast is back!  Biz Engelbret is out and Biz Summers is in - congratulations!!  It's been a busy, hectic month for both our ITCs, but when it's Digital Learning Day sometimes you just have to stop and pay attention.  A short episode today, but here are some notes:

Canva for Educators can be found at:

Adobe Spark can be found at:  (PWCS staff and students can log in with their office365 login info)

Minecraft for Education can be found at:  (again, PWCS staff and students can log in with their office365 login info)

Green Screen by Do Ink can be found at:

Be on the look out for an announcement about a Nearpod cohort available to PWCS staff!


 It's Groundhog's Day!!  Biz is out for this episode, so Sara Bosse, Math Coach at Beville Middle, joins Brian to discuss a certain tweet about Digital Equity, Microsoft Teams, and Summative versus Formative Assessments.  

Virginia's Computer Science Educator of the Year!  Way to go Tobin! We were able to grab him for a few minutes to talk about his approach to education and how he "sneaks" learning into engaging activities.   

In this 15-minute, uncut take (our Babysodes!) Biz and Brian talk about VSTE 2019, upcoming Mystery Skype sessions, SMART Professional Development for teachers, and upcoming student driven assignments.

- You can visit to find out more about what's going on with VSTE.

- To can find out more about Mystery Skype at (office365 login).  You can also learn more about what's going on at the Happy World Foundation at

- To learn more about SMART Notebook 2019 or the SMART Learning Suite, check out or listen to episode 25 and our conversation with Patrick Heath.

- To find out how it went with Biz's student-driven projects... stay tuned!

We're skipping the January 1st episode and will be back on 1/15/20.  Happy Holidays!  Hello 2020!!

in this episode we drop in with a cohort of math teachers working through Apple Teacher training, although we end up talking about a lot more. We cover:


-Google classroom discussion question and pushing out non-Google items

-Apple badges

-The smart notebook app and the maestro feature

-Apple Tvs

-Sumdog vs Prodigy Math


Thanks to these amazing teachers for being a part of it!

Ginger Budd-Gaspar @miss_budd

Jamie Dziuna @dziuba_jamie

Angie Myers @mrsmyersflms

Rebecca Abbott (not on Twitter... yet)


Everyone who works with Patrick knows that iOS has been the apple of his eye for the last few years.  In this episode, Patrick shows off his range by taking us to school with the SMART Learning Suite.  Don't worry, we get to Apple by the 18:05 mark...

Some things discussed:

SMART Learning Suite (teachers) - Access through Office365-Waffle-All Apps, or go to and use O365 login.

SMART Learning Suite (students) - Access through Office365, or go to or and use O365 login.

Some apps/programs discussed - Chatterpix, Clips, PuppetPals, Toontastic, and Seesaw.  

In our inaugural “babysode” we set a timer for 15 minutes and try to cram in as much info as possible… unedited. A few highlights from this episode are:

  • Clever – How to access it, what’s in there, and should "big kids" use badges?
  • PowerSchool is migrating to a new platform (stay tuned!) – Edulastic (for math) and Naiku may be good alternatives if you are looking for a new platform
  • We get into the Google vs Microsoft debate again… (spoiler: no one wins)
  • Digital citizenship week and accessing resources in Google, Common Sense Media, and Nearpod



Brian and Biz sit down with Andy Wolfenbarger and Tabitha Caldwell to talk about this year's rollout of the HUB! 

Andy is the Supervisor of Student Data and Information Security Services with PWCS. Tabitha is a trainer for the HUB, who works specifically with TeacherVUE. They have lots of great takeaways to share, but the top link we want to make sure PWCS teachers access and bookmark is the HUB Page on the Intranet (requires PWCS login credentials).


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